How the SharkBite Plumbing System Works

How to Install SharkBite Fittings

  1. Cut the tube so that the ends are square.
  2. Ensure that there are no burrs or damage to the cut end.
  3. Wherever possible proper tube cutting tools such as rotary tube cutters (copper tubing) or tube shears (for plastic tubing) should be used.
  4. Once the tubing end is cut square and clean, use the SharkBite Safe Seal Tool and a scribe to mark the insert depth on the outside of the tubing.
  5. This mark is used to ensure that the joint is assembled correctly.
  6. To assemble correctly, the tubing needs to be pushed into the fitting until it meets the tube stop.
  7. Follow the following three steps to insert the tubing into the fitting:
    1. Insert the tube through the release collar to rest against the grab ring.
    2. Push the tube firmly with a slight twisting action until it reaches the tube stop.
    3. To ensure that the tube is correctly inserted, check that the depth mark is within 0.05 in (1.3 mm) of the end of the release collar.

Removing Tube Support Liner (if needed)

The SharkBite® fittings have an integral Tube Support Liner that supports PEX tubing to the o-ring inside the fitting. The Tube Support Liner is not required for use with CPVC and copper tubing; however these two types of tubing fit over the Tube Support Liner easily and hold it against the tube stop. Follow the steps below to remove the Tube Support Liner from the SharkBite fitting.

How to Install SharkBite Fittings Img 2

Gently work the Tube Support Liner past the o-ring

How to Install SharkBite Fittings Img 3

Stop once the Tube Support Liner has been pulled past the o-ring, the Tube Support Liner cannot be pulled out any further due to the grab ring.

How to Install SharkBite Fittings Img 4

Put the disassembly tongs (or clip) in place and squeeze them together. This will cause the grab ring teeth to spread

How to Install SharkBite Fittings Img 5

Once the disassembly tongs are squeezed and the grab ring teeth are spread, the Tube Support Liner can be easily removed.

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